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Unique 'Harp Guitarist'
Concert & Recording Artist

"Masterful performance...the ability of the instrument to teleport the listener is breathtaking"   (

"An amazing music experience"
(Andrew Knutt, Creative Innovation Center)

Best Instrumental Performance Buxton Fringe, Jon Pickard

"A consummate musician"
(Buxton Fringe)

"A truly amazing soundscape"
(BBC Radio Somerset)

"You want to close your eyes and let the music take you..."
Fine Times Recorder

Best Show nomination, Buxton Fringe, Jon Pickard

"A sensitive and versatile player"
Buxton review

"The Master of the HarpGuitar..."
(Swaledale Festival)

"I've never seen anything to match this!"
Old Theater Royal, Bath

International concert performance on Harp Guitar!  This very special instrument (that I designed myself) will inspire and entertain your audience like no other can. Available for Concerts, Festivals and House concerts.

Saujon 05 portrait.jpg

Jon Pickard is an award-winning artist, storyteller, instrumentalist, and composer inspired by mythological folk tales from the Celtic world and beyond. Known for his rich video backdrops that enhance his musical performances, Jon creates an immersive experience for his audiences. Since graduating as a Classical Guitarist in 2005, he has enjoyed a diverse career as a performer, teacher, and composer, performing extensively at concerts and festivals across the UK, France, Germany, and the USA.

Over the past 15 years, Jon has become a leading figure in the harp guitar community, celebrated for his unique artistry and compositions. His multi-instrumental background in Classical Guitar, Electric & Folk Fusion, Jazz & Classical Piano, has prepared him to explore the expansive sonic possibilities of the harp guitar. At his concerts, Jon blends folk, classical, and esoteric spirituality to craft a truly unique musical journey.

Jon’s harp guitars, self-designed instruments featuring both sub-bass and super-treble strings, offer greater range, resonance, and volume than traditional guitars, taking listeners into new auditory realms. His mastery of the harp guitar has been praised for its spiritual and emotional depth, with performances that transport listeners to various mythological landscapes.

Reviews highlight Jon’s ability to create profound emotional experiences, with noting, "When played by Pickard, the Harp-Guitar transforms into a tool of spirituality and nature," and The Fine Times Recorder describing his music as "beautiful, atmospheric, profoundly emotional and spiritual."

Jon's concerts feature a mix of his own compositions and those inspired by ancient tales, providing a magical and transformative experience for audiences worldwide.  Also music by Bach, Debussy, Knopfler, O'Carolan and others, where appropriate.

Image Gallery

Harp Guitar Videos

Harp Guitar videos

"Soundhenge" by Jon Pickard

O'Carolan's Concerto, arr. by Jon Pickard

The Shepherd in the Temple - Fretless HG, by Jon Pickard

Small concert highlights

Lon Dubh (Blackbird), Trad.  Arr. by Jon Pickard

Un Flambeau Jeanette, Isabelle / Three Ships, Trad.

"Stream of Intention" by Jon Pickard

"Festival" (John Doan), performed by Jon Pickard

"Liquid Moonlight" (Fretless Harp Guitar) by Jon Pickard

La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin (Claude Debussy), arr. J Pickard

"In the Garden of Dreams" by Jon Pickard

Londonderry Air (O Danny Boy) arr. J Pickard

"The Princess & The Walnut" by Jon Pickard

Down By The Salley Gardens (Yeates/Britten)

"St Patrick In The Spirit" (John Doan)

"Prelude / Ave Maria" J.S. Bach, arr. J Pickard

"Bonny Portmore" Trad. Irish.  Arr. J Pickard

Herm Trilogy i. "St. Tugual's Retreat"

"Scallywag's Breakfast" by Jon Pickard

Herm Trilogy ii. "The Old Spine Road"

"Wayfarer On The Path To Holy Cross Abbey" (John Doan)

"Beating Heart" by Jon Pickard (Harp Guitar)

Herm Trilogy iii. "Tides At Alderney Point"

"Resting On Jacob's Pillow" (John Doan)

Interview for Frome FM

"Gazing On The Face Of The Sea" (John Doan)

Harp Guitar CDs

Harp Guitar CDs, by Jon Pickard

Please click the images below for more info / download / order page

Dance With Angels CD

This includes postage for UK only.  Other destinations please email me for rates.

Metamorphia by Jon Pickard Harp Guitar CD

This includes postage for UK only.  Other destinations please email me for rates.

Jon Pickard with Harp Guitar in shadows

23 string Harp Guitar

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