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Creative Help for Small Businesses

Do you run a small business?

Do you occasionally need a little help or could

use an extra person to help with your tasks and projects?

Let me help you!

I could help you with

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How does it work?

First we talk.  I will need to gather info about your particular job.  You tell me as much as you can about your expectations and what is required.  We talk about exactly how I can help you.  This can be local and in person if you are within easy reach of Bruton / Frome (U.K.), or remote and global.

How much does it cost?

It will vary depending on exactly what the job is, so we will need to talk first. I want you to find this affordable and worthwhile so will keep costs down as much as possible.  Quotes may be by a full project or piecemeal, depending on the job, budget restraints etc.


Some jobs could be on an hourly rate (licking envelopes would cost less than video production, for example).  Others could be a fixed amount for the project.  If we are new to each other, or if the task is large or complicated I could do a small taster of the task for an hourly rate to give us both a good idea before committing further, then we can decide what would work best.


Agreed payment would be on receipt of finished work or hours completed.


Artwork / Leaflet / Poster design

Working closely with you to fulfill your vision I can develop your fliers and posters using your or my own photos or stock images to get your message across in style.


I have run countless events and designed CD artwork for myself and others over the years and have been very successful with poster and flier design. Good use of images and a simple clear message are key. Let's get your message out there!

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I have had basic professional training in photography and more importantly I have a good artistic eye.  I own a good quality Nikon DSLR camera and several lenses for various types of shooting.  I have worked as a wedding photographer and I enjoy shooting people and capturing the ‘real moments', as well as composing scenes, landscapes, architecture and closeup work.  I also love working in low light situations - so atmospheric!


A fully professional photographer will of course know more than I do (and will also cost more) but I can get great results for most things, and I can quickly edit and integrate them to your projects, webpages, brochures etc

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Film making / Video editing

I love making short promotional films.  I have made dozens of music videos for myself - some of which were taken up by cable TV companies and broadcast in over 150 countries.  Browse through the videos on pages - Guitar - Harp Guitar.  Some look home made (these are my earlier efforts while I learned the basics) while some of the more recent ones look very nice I think.  I sometimes  film and edit short documentary style films of craft people to help build awareness about them.  


Could a short video of you and your work help to promote your business?  A short documentary series about you, or a 1 minute promo?

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Basic web design / update

Website trends change constantly.  Since 2005 I have built, maintained and upgraded 3 of my own websites including every aspect of this one, and I have worked with other web designers on my site.  Again - a dedicated web designer can do a better job if your website needs to be premium quality, and if you can afford them, but if you need a simple to moderate WIX website I can certainly either build it for you or work with you on it - showing you how to update and maintain it yourself if required.

Browse through this website to see what you think!

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Audio production facilities

Following 2 x City & Guilds courses in audio engineering in my youth I have worked in professional audio in many situations - live sound, recording, conferences etc.  Every guitar recording you will find on my website was recorded by myself - some are intentionally 'rough and ready', while others are premium studio quality.  I have recording facilities at home including world class microphones, software and monitors, and a sound treated room to produce good clean recordings - plus decades of experience. 

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Live Sound / PA hire

I have a small to medium PA system suitable for large pubs or medium halls.  I have worked as a sound engineer for bands and solo musicians at their gigs, and for my own countless times and can do the same for you.  Let me know what you need.

Live sound / PA hire

Music / Voiceover / Jingles

I have a full midi instrument studio, and am a trained pianist, guitarist and composer.  Some of my recordings have been used in small films and commercials.  If you are a singer or songwriter I can help you to develop, orchestrate, record and produce your songs.  I can write you a jingle or record your song with full instrumentation.  I am a native English speaker with a neutral accent which is great for voiceovers if required.

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Social media

I can help you set up and manage your facebook / instagram / twitter page, set up advertising campaigns and similar.  Whilst only moderately active myself on SM I can take on regular postings on your behalf, help you to set up a system where a single post will post to multiple platforms, saving you time and effort.

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Marketing concepts

Do you struggle to find the angle to sell your ideas?  Do you need to find your Unique Selling Point?  Do you need to be able to target your desired audience?  Perhaps I can help you to see things you may not have thought of -  a second mind working on the idea can bring fresh perspective.

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Book keeping / Spreadsheets (Excel)

I have been using Microsoft Word for over 20 years.  I can do all the basics, from 'double entry' book keeping to help keep track of your day to day accounts for tax returns, to planning, to bank account management and project planning.

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Word processing (Word)

I have been using Microsoft Word for over 20 years, have a very good command of written English, am good at creative writing and wording, and can plan and work to deadlines.

Creative vision concepts

Do you need to think of a new solution to an old problem?  Have you almost got your ideas sorted but just need another fresh creative mind to add extra inspiration?  Do you need to find interesting new ways to label your ideas, products and projects? Perhaps I can help.

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Client communications

Do you need help wording your letters and emails?  For all of my work over the last 25 years or so I have had to be able to write to prospective clients and gradually walk them through the process as they convert into paying customers.  The relationship subtly shifts throughout this process as the client goes from initial enquiry, through engaged and demanding challenger to satisfied customer posting a 5 star review on Google (read my Google reviews here).  It is not always an easy path but with patience and by understanding the shifting balance of power clients can be coaxed and courted into letting you be the one to provide them with what they want and need.

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Customer Service

Handling the customers, understanding that their needs aren’t always the same as their wishes, and balancing the two to everyone’s satisfaction takes a good deal of skill.  Making clear from the outset what is and is not on offer is crucial.  Defining boundaries but then where possible, going the extra mile for our customers is always appreciated and should really be built in - we as service providers should always make customers feel that they are getting that little bit more than they were expecting.  Perhaps I can help you to see where you can do this within your work.

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Event management

I don’t take on huge events, but I often organise concerts for myself.  This takes detailed planning, organisation and expertise to make things happen as they should - as will any event you need to plan for your business.  From planning, venue hire, logistics, to online ticket sales, handling payments etc.  The concept principles will be similar.  Maybe I can help you plan your next event.

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About me...

About Me...

You will notice from the rest of my website that I am a self employed musician.  I have played contracted bookings everywhere from world famous hotels and concert venues, highest class wedding venues to small pubs and private houses. I have done this and other things for over 3 decades now and over the years have developed many essential practical and creative skills vital for any self employed person or small business in order to keep myself going and support my business.

Music remains at the core of what I do but I now want to use those skills to help YOU, the small business / self-employed person who needs a little help with your many tasks.


I keep this page hidden - separate from my main site, but linked so that you can see my work.  Everything on the website was conceived, and produced by myself - every recording and video, almost every photograph, the entire website design etc.  I run my own events, manage google ads, do my own bookkeeping, tax returns etc.  I also set up this website from scratch by myself.

I am flexible to work with whatever I can do for you, depending on your needs.  I am adaptable and am certain I can be useful to you if there are things you need doing that you currently need help with.


I do not claim to be an industry expert in, but I do have broad professional experience of the following:

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