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Harp Guitar CD
"Dances With Angels",
by Jon Pickard

CDs now available.
Also available for download in 2 formats - mp3 versions (smaller files) and high definition "lossless audio" WAV files (larger files).

This is my second Harp Guitar album, released in 2021.  It is the result of a further 3 years learning, growing, and getting to know the Harp Guitar better.

I deliberately did not include any of my original music on this album, choosing instead to focus on arranging other tunes for Harp Guitar.  This contains arrangements of piano music by J.S.Bach, C. Debussy, and a number of folk tunes.

Most notable is the inclusion of 5 tunes by master Harp Guitarist John Doan.  These works are pure genius and are simply some of the best Harp Guitar music ever written (in my opinion). I do urge you to also listen to the original versions by John Doan himself.

Learning this album has really helped me to master more of the instrument's potential.  I have performed most of these tracks live in concert many times over several years, and made videos (search youtube for titles), then recorded them all again fresh in October 2021.

Dance With Angels CD by Jon Pickard

Download Hi-res WAV versions below

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Buy CD (hard copy) £15 incl UK postage

This includes postage for UK only.  Other destinations please email me for rates.

Download Mp3 versions below

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