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Harp Guitar CD

"Metamorphia", by Jon Pickard

CDs now available.

Also available for download in 2 formats - mp3 versions (smaller files) and high definition "lossless audio" WAV files (larger files).

This is my first Harp Guitar album.  It is the result of 3 years learning, growing, writing and producing.  

I recorded this whole album 3 times before I was happy with it, and before that spent months and years putting the compositions together so that you the listener can have the best possible experience.

It has been a process of gradual but constant change and 'morphing' for me as a musician as I get to grips with the new possibilities, challenges and scope of this incredible instrument.  My musical brain now works a little differently than before, as do my fingers as they play.


I am now forced to think and practice in new ways, to try to make real some of the potential that this 'new' genre of Harp Guitar music offers.  I say "new" but actually Harp Guitars have been around for centuries, when I finally got this one they were new to me as a player.

I am enthralled by Harp Guitars in general and hope to play a small part in their ongoing future.  

Metamorphia by Jon Pickard Harp Guitar CD

Buy CD (hard copy) £15 incl UK postage

This includes postage for UK only.  Other destinations please email me for rates.

Download Hi-res WAV versions below

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Download Mp3 versions below

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