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"Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe" (Various Artists)

CDs now available.

Also available for download in 2 formats - mp3 versions (smaller files) and high definition "lossless audio" WAV files (larger files).

"Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe" (released in 2019) is a collaboration by 10 distinct Harp Guitarists from across Europe.  A genuine journey through musical imagination.

Each player has donated their best track to put together this unique collection, showcasing the amazing and beautiful world of Harp Guitar music.  Contains jazz, folk, medieval, classical, modern, eastern and original styles.

"Compositions that push and expand the limits of guitar playing in previously un-imagined polyphonies...always enchants with innovative playing technique, multi-layered composition and taste...A breathtaking, full beautiful sound and a lot of atmosphere. Excellent!"  Akustik Guitar Magazine (Germany)

Beautifully put together with wonderful artwork and photographs throughout, and includes and introduction by American Harp Guitar legend John Doan and features a 12 page booklet with details of the players, instruments and luthiers involved.  Printed by

I am very proud to have been a part of this project and also that the group selected my photograph for the front cover!

An absolute 'must have' for any fans of acoustic guitar music!

Harp Guitar in Europe CD

Buy CD (hard copy) £15 incl UK postage

This includes postage for UK only.  Other destinations please email me for rates.

Download Hi-res WAV "lossless" versions

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Download Mp3 versions

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